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Maxi, a vengeful pirate of the Ryukyu Kingdom, who took command of his father's ship after his death. Maxi first began using the nunchaku as a way to defend himself, but after a battle with a man named Zhang Wu, Maxi was determined to master the weapon. He became a freelance pirate, setting sail to wherever his ship took him, the first stop being Indian port. Maxi returned to his ship only to find it being attacked by creatures that were commanded by Astaroth. Astaroth and his monster flock killed the majority of Maxi's crew, included Kyam. Since then, Maxi has sworn revenge on Astaroth for his actions.


Soul Calibur - Maxi decides to join forces with Kilik (who Kyam respected) and Xianghua to stop the evil sword, Soul Edge. Maxi's true reasons for traveling with them, however, was to get back at the monster that led to his crew being murdered, Astaroth. Maxi gets his revenge and kills Astaroth, only to be swallowed up by the ground because he pissed off a certain god of war, Ares.

Soul Calibur II - Maxi, who was thought to be dead, was found at a riverbed by an old man. Four years passed as Maxi tried to recover from his fatal injuries, when news spread throughout the village he was resting in of a monster with an axe terrorizing the area. Maxi thought his nightmares had come true, believing it to be Astaroth, and desperately went to the villages medicine man in order to cure him. The man performed a ritual which did restore Maxi to his full strength, not knowing that the man used a fragment of Soul Edge. Maxi set out to find and once again kill Astaroth.

Soul Calibur III - Maxi continued his search to destroy the monster that killed his crew, and came upon the man that created him in a silent ruin. A dark rage emitted through Maxi as he realized who he was talking to, while the man noticed that Maxi had a piece of Soul Edge within him. Maxi's anger got the best of him as he killed the man, and soon realized a side effect of the fragment: Memory loss. He continued his journey to kill Astaroth in hopes that it'll bring his memory back.

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