Amy Sorel
Amy in Soul Calibur IV
NameAmy Sorel
First AppearanceSoul Calibur III
Place of BirthRouen, France
Date of BirthUnknown
FamilyFather, Raphael (foster father)

Amy Sorel is one of the newest characters to join the Soul Calibur character list. Although she first appeared in Soul Calibur III as a bonus character, she was brought back as one of the main characters for Soul Calibur III: Arcade Edition. She's also returning in Soul Calibur IV. Not much is known about her at this point.

[edit] Background

Amy was an orphan, and was adopted by Raphael. Raphael's goal was to make a better world for him and Amy, so he was corrupted by the power of Soul Edge and went on a rampage, killing people so he and Amy can live in a better world. During the events of Soul Calibur III, Amy too, became corrupt from the power of Soul Edge, but as shown in one of Raphael's endings, Kilik uses his special stone he got from Xianglian, and he healed her. Now in Soul Calibur IV, during Amy's ending, she now can see how evil Raphael's intentions are, and it shows Amy pushing Raphael off of a cliff and then the announcer says, "Ring Out!" Then text appears that says, "Amy and Raphael have finally created a world of their own..."

[edit] Appearances

  • Soul Calibur II - Amy made a brief appearance in the opening sequence of Soul Calibur II. From the short part she appeared in, it appears to show that these men were trying to find Raphael, and when they asked Amy where he went, Amy told them that he went in the opposite direction then where he really went.

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