BirthplaceRevless, Dalkia Kingdom
BirthdateMay 12, 1555
Blood TypeO
WeaponChained Sickle
Weapon NameBlack Widow
Fighting StyleMu-ji Chained Sickle Arts
FamilyHusband (former king of Dalkia), Deceased, Lover Roin
AppearancesSoul Calibur III
Japanese Voice ActorKimiko Saitou

Aurelia is a character in Soul Calibur III. Aurelia appears in Tales of Souls Mode, as the queen of Dalkia. Aurelia is a bonus character in the main game as well.

Aurelia is the queen of Dalkia. She murdered her husband, the original king, and fell in love with Roin. Her weapon, Black Widow, represnts herself, since she murdered her husband and became a widow.

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