Battle in the Strait

Battle in the Strait
Battle in the Strait
Background musicThe Blade Seeker
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[edit] Background Knowledge

The Murakami Navy was famous during Japan's warring period. However, when the country was united under Hideyoshi Toyotomi, he issued the proclamation against piracy, and the Murakami Navy was slowly robbed of it's power. The final resistance put forth by the Murakami naval forces of Noujima was met by the Kuki Navy, who had been defeated harshly in the past at the hands of the Murakami Navy. Both sides of the navy fought viciously in a series of battles at sea. While the Murakami forces originally held the advantage, they were eventually pressed back by the Kuki naval forces. The Kuki naval forces were backed by Hideyoshi, the great leader of Japan, and in the end, the Murakami were finally defeated.

In the records of this conflict, anyone can find the name Heishiro Mitsurugi. At the beginning of the battle, Mitsurugi had supported the Murakami naval forces. But apparaently, in the end, he switched sides to the Kuki naval forces.

[edit] Stage Information

The stage "Battle in the Strait" is set during one of the battles between the Kuki naval forces and the Murakami naval forces. It is unknown which side Mitsurugi is on during his battles at this stage, but it is believed that at this point he switched to the Kuki naval forces.

Battle in the Strait is Mitsurugi's main stage in Soul Calibur III. The background music is The Blade Seeker.

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