Eurydice Shrine

Eurydice Shrine
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Eurydice Shrine
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Eurydice Shrine is Sophitia's main stage in Soul Calibur III.

[edit] Background Knowledge

Eurydice Shrine is a shrine, long forgotten and no longer worshipped at. Sophitia Alexandra still goes to the shrine and protects it. The temple was said to be built by the Greek God of the forge, Hephaestus. Behind a gate, stands Colossus, a giant warrior made of stone. The shrine sits on top of a giant mountain, and takes true strength to come to the top. Sophitia and her family do come often though, as she is a strong believer in the Greek Gods, and thanks them for the beautiful, resourceful, land of Greece. Surrounding the Shrine is a waterfall where the water is said to be purest in the whole land of Greece. The water is said to come from the Gods in the heavens themselves, and they transport it to the people of Greece from the top of the mountain.

[edit] Unlocking

You can unlock Eurydice Shrine in Soul Calibur III by either defeating the opponent that appears in that stage in Tales of Souls Mode, or by playing 525 battles.

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