Girardot Argezas
Girardot in his armor
BirthplaceParousia, Grandall Kingdom
BirthdateSeptember 7th
Blood TypeAB
Weapon NameAbsolution
Fighting StyleLargus Apostolus
FamilyWife - Taken by sickness, Son - Rudger
AppearancesSoul Calibur III, Chronicles of the Sword Mode
English Voice Actor
Japanese Voice ActorMasaya Takatsuka

Girardot is a bonus character in Soul Calibur III, he also appears in Chronicles of the Sword Mode. Girardot is a part of the Grandall forces and instructs cadets about the art of war.

After joining up with your main character in Chronicles of the Sword, he provides as a powerful ally. However, in the second part of Chronicles of the Sword, he learns that Grandall's emperor is gaining more power, turning the empire into a dictatorship slowly. Girardot forms a group of rebel's and fights against Grandall. However, after a final battle with your character, whom Strife sent to defeat Girardot, Girardot explains what is happening to the empire, and who you really should be fighting for, the people. However before Girardot finishes his sppech, he is stabbed in the back by Strife who is wielding Soul Edge.

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