Grieve Edge

Grieve Edge is one of the available movesets give to custom characters in Soul Calibur III. This moveset is very strange, as it mainly focuses on foot work and kicking, the characters do not use their hands at all.

The following are the Grieve Edge weapons in Soul Calibur III and how to unlock them:

  • Grieve Edge - Can be purchased for 11800
  • Senjinsoku - Defeat Azumi in Chronicle 10 or play 325 battles
  • Cailleach Bheur - Defeat Ouka in Chronicle 18 or play 425 battles
  • Svadilfari - Defeat Shizuma in Chronicle 19 or play 525 battles
  • Cepheus Seal - Unlock Valeria
  • Hell's Design - Defeat Kierkess in Chronicle 12 with any character or play 790 battles
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