Kunai is a create a soul exclusive weapon and is based upon Taki's weapon and moveset.

It is one of the fastest movesets and easily uses unblockables but lacks range and is frail in terms of defense. It also has very low power.

The following are the types of Kunai and how to unlock them in Soul Calibur III:

  • Kaiken - Can be purchased for 13200.
  • Kazekirimaru - Defeat Elua in Chronicle 9. Or play 300 battles.
  • Nakinue - Defeat Kimika in Chronicle 13. Or play 400 battles.
  • Shutensou - Defeat Tomoe in Chronicle 19. Or play 500 battles.
  • Galeforce - Defeat Elua in Chronicle 11. Or play 590 battles.
  • Austere & Void - Unlock Greed.
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