Lizardman as he appears in Soul Calibur IV
BornJune 23, 1555
BirthplaceSparta, Ottoman Empire (present-day Greece)
Blood TypeNone
WeaponSingle-handed Ax and Aspis Shield
Weapon NameGrudge Ax & Aya Shield
Fighting StyleRapid Ares Style
AppearancesSoul Calibur, Soul Calibur II (not as Aeon Calcos), Soul Calibur III, and Soul Calibur IV
First AppearanceSoul Calibur
True NameAeon Calcos

Lizardman was once a human named Aeon Calcos, a Spartan from the land of Greece. After being sent to find Soul Edge from the Greek God of the forge, Hephaestus, Aeon ended up severely dehydrated in the desert. A group of travelers found him there and brought him to the nearest village. Aeon was going to thank them by teaching them the way of the sword, but the Evil Seed rained down on him and turned him into an insane killer. Aeon then massacred the entire village. Kunpaetku, the Grand Prest of a cult, heard rumors about this insane killer named Aeon, and tracked him down. Kunpaetku and members of the cult captured Aeon, and used him in a terrifying experiment, and he ended up turning into Lizardman. Kunpaetku rejoiced with the experiment being a success and then started transforming more men to this Lizard form, hence the Lizardmen. Lizardman was then ordered to kidnap a boy named Bangoo, Rock's adopted son, from Northern Europe so that they could steal his soul. Lizardman was tracked down by Rock however, and was defeated, alongside his partner in the crime, Astaroth. Later on Soul Edge was struck down, and because of the energy that was emitting through it, Lizardman regained his sanity. Lizardman then hid from the world, pursuing his goal to regain his humanity. However, Lizardman wondered why his God, Hephaestus, had forsaken him. Lizardman then cast aside his sword and shield he obtained from Hephaestus, and sought out Soul Edge, the very sword his God had feared the most. Lizardman's second goal was revenge.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Weapons

Lizardman's weapon of choice is the axe and shield. Lizardman's attack style is very similar to those of Cassandra and Sophitia, however, Lizardman tends to chop more, whereas Cassandra and Sophitia tend to slash more. Lizardman has great offensive abilities as well, and a pretty well rounded defense. One of the few things Lizardman lacks is range.

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