Raphael (Soul Calibur IV Costume)
BirthdateNovember 27, 1559
BirthplaceRouen, French Empire
Blood TypeA
FamilyFoster Daughter, Amy
Relatives, cut all ties
Fighting StyleLa Rapiere des Sorel
Height5'10" (178 cm)
Weight159 lbs (72 kg)
WeaponEnglish Sword Rapier
Weapon NameFlambert
English VoicePaul Jennings (Soul Calibur II)
Charles Rubendall (Soul Calibur III)
Japanese VoiceYasunori Masutani

Raphael, grew up with medicine and Rapiers. He soon found himself making many enemies due to his temper and quickly found himself hiding from them the majority of the time. One day he meets a young girl, Amy, who is left un-parented in a chaos and war-torn nation. He takes her in as his daughter and seeks to make the world perfect for Amy. This means in Raphael's head that everyone is not good enough for Amy, so he and Amy will be the only humans left. To do this, he seeks out the evil sword Soul Edge to start killing the humans of the world.

[edit] Appearances

Soul Calibur II - Raphael Sorel quickly found many enemies due to his tempers and was soon hiding in an impoverished town. There he found Amy a girl who had no family of her own and felt somewhat sorry for because a war stricken town is no place to live. One day in a castle he had acquired Raphael discovered a letter with references to the "Evil Seed". It wasn't long before he made a connection between the "Evil Seed" and Soul Edge. He decided that he must get his hands on Soul Edge in order to rid the world of chaos for Amy.

Soul Calibur III - During his search for Soul Edge, Raphael encountered Nightmare, the true wielder of Soul Edge. Raphael lost the fight but before losing consciousness he struck out one more time, the sword pierced the center (the "eye") of Soul Edge. He awoke and realized that Nighmare had not finished him. Raphael recovered in his mansion and soon came to realize he was infected by the sword. Amy had become infected and the two took shelter in an eastern Europe town in a castle. One day a "Holy Stone" was used to cure people who were "evil" back to normal. Raphael, who became threatened by the stone decided to venture out and discover more about the stone and destroy it.

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