Siegfried Schtauffen
BirthdateFebruary 6, 1568
BirthplaceOber-Getzenberg, Holy Roman Empire
Blood TypeA
FamilyMother, Margaret and Father, Frederick (murdered by Siegfried)
Fighting StyleOriginal Style
Height5ft 6in (168 cm)
Weight132 lbs
Weapon NameFaust (Soul Edge)

Requiem (Soul Calibur I, II and III)

Soul Calibur (Soul Calibur IV)
English VoiceTed D'Agostino (Soul Calibur II), Crispin Freeman (Soul Calibur III)
Japanese VoiceNobuyuki Hiyama

[edit] Appearances

  • Soul Calibur IV - Siegfried pressed his hand against the armor that covered his heart. A terrible scar marked him there. The maelstrom of power unleashed when Soul Calibur and Soul Edge clashed in the Lost Cathedral had torn his body apart. But the sword whose destiny it was to destroy the cursed sword resonated with Seigfried's soul and saved his life. Siegfried's brothers-in-arms, his comrades, cared for him. But his mind was made up: he would brush aside the outstretched hands that tried to help him. No one would touch his heart, no man or woman would sway him from his path until the cursed sword was destroyed for all time. Before him a black shadow lay heavily over the cursed city of Ostrheinsburg. His journey of repentance was coming to an end.

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