Sophitia Alexandra (Soul Calibur IV Costume)
NameSophitia Alexandra
First AppearanceSoul Edge/Blade
Place of BirthAthens, Ottoman Empire
Date of BirthMarch 12, 1566
WeaponsOmega Sword & Owl Shield
Omega Sword & Elk Shield
FamilyFather, Achelous
Mother, Nike
Sister, Cassandra
Brother, Lucius
Husband, Rothion
Son, Patroklos
Daughter, Pyrrha

Sophitia has been a character in every Soul Calibur game yet. Sophitia has long, blonde hair, and wears a hearth on top of her head. Sophitia has pale, white skin and green eyes. She is usually shown wearing a white robe. Sophitia always loved her country, and made full use of the natural resources, praying to the Gods for everything they had provided. One day, when Sophitia was bathing in a spring, a bright light appeared and took the form of a man. He told Sophitia that he was the God, Hephaestus (the Greek god of fire and forge). Hephaestus told Sophitia of a legendary evil blade, called Soul Edge, and that the existence of such a powerful blade that was not made by him would put his name to shame. Hephaestus also explained that if anyone were to discover it, it would wreak havoc among the world. Hephaestus ordered her to go to the Eurydice Shrine and receive the holy weapon, called the Omega sword, so she can destroy Soul Edge. Sophitia listened to Hephaestus and obeyed, taking the Omega sword and beginning her journey to destroy Soul Edge.

Sophitia has a son and a daughter, after marrying Rothion. Tira has threatened many times that she will kill Sophitia's children, causing Sophitia much worry over her travels of seeking out Soul Edge.

[edit] Battle Style

Sophitia's weapon is the sword and shield, like Cassandra. These weapons have generally good defence and pretty strong attack power, with the reach of the weapon being the main issue.

[edit] Appearances

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