Soul Calibur II

Soul Calibur II
Playstation 2 Box Art
PlatformPlaystation 2
Release Date(s)Japan: March 27, 2003
North America: August 27, 2003
Europe: September 26, 2003
Rating(T) Teen/16+

Soul Calibur II is the third game in the series of Soul Fighting games, the first two being Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, and followed by Soul Calibur III and Soul Calibur IV.

[edit] Playable Characters

Below is a list of all playable characters in Soul Calibur II:

[edit] Differences Between Versions

Soul Calibur II was released on three separate systems, the Gamecube, The Playstation 2, and the Xbox. To make gameplay differ between versions, they each had exclusive guest characters taken from popular game series.

Playstation 2: Heihachi was the exclusive guest character in the Playstation, who used his trusty fists once more. His battle style is somewhat unique, as its martial arts, but many characters share similar movesets, due to Martial arts being very universal in combat. He originated from the popular street fighting series, Tekken.

XBOX: In the XBOX version, Spawn is the exclusive guest character. He wields a handaxe, and has a very unique fighting style compared to most of the other characters. He originated from his self titled comic series, Spawn.

GameCube: Link is an exclusive character to the GameCube version. Due to the fact he wields a sword and shield, his fighting style is very similar to Cassandra, Sophitia and Lizardman, often making him labeled a carbon copy. His home series is the Legend of Zelda series.

[edit] Weapon Master Mode

Weapon master mode is what really sets Soul Calibur II apart from the rest of the series. Weapon Master is a series of 'missions' for each respective country you enter. You must complete all the missions to move on, and travel around, collecting weapons as the name implies. Each 'mission' is usually a fight, having different characteristics each time, such as starting with low health, or the enemy absorbs your health. As you win or lose each fight, you'll gain EXP and gold. EXP is what gives your character new ranks / titles, but it's more of a novelty thing. Gold, on the other hand, allows you to buy costumes, weapons, art, extras, and more.

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