Soul Calibur III

Soul Calibur III
Soul Calibur III Boxart
Playstation 2
Release Date(s)North America: October 25, 2005
Europe: November 18, 2005
Japan: November 23, 2005
Rating(T) Teen/16+

Soul Calibur III is the fourth game in the Soul Series of fighting games, developed and published by Namco. Soul Calibur III introduced new features to the series, including a "Tales of Souls" mode, a "Chronicles of the Sword" mode, and a "Character Creation and Edit" mode.
Team fighting, which was featured in Soul Calibur II, was removed for this game.
This installment of the series does not include online play. Although, online play has been included in Soul Calibur IV by using the Xbox 360's Xbox Live and the Playstation 3's Playstation Network..


[edit] Characters

Some characters return for Soul Calibur III, and some did not. New characters are also included in the game. There are no guest characters. Although there are no guest characters, there are bonus characters that get unlocked as you play through the game.

[edit] New Characters

[edit] Returning Characters

[edit] Bonus Characters

[edit] Tales of Souls

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Tales of Souls is an adventure mode in Soul Calibur III. You have to choose a character (no bonus characters), and you play through his or her story. At some points, there are cut scenes in which you can press a certain button combination to perform an action, such as dodging a blow. Most sidesteps are necessary to have full health at the start of the battle. If you don't press the buttons in time, you may lose health or suffer from a condition such as poisoning.
Tales of Souls also has points in the story where you have to make a decision, such as "leave now" and "stay," where as you fight certain people depending on which path you choose to take.
The boss at the end of Tales of Souls is Abyss, who is an unlockable character for standard play. There is also a second boss, Night Terror, who is the strongest character in the game. But, Night Terror isn't an unlockable player, and is impossible to use. Night Terror can only be reached by taking a certain path without losing a single battle. Each character's path varies.

[edit] Shops

In Soul Calibur III there are three different shops where you can buy weapons, clothes, and bonuses for your characters and the game. You can access these shops from the main screen.

The three shops are:

  • Weapon Shop
  • Armor Shop
  • Item Shop

Also each of the store's clerks are available as bonus characters for the main game that you can play with.

[edit] Chronicles of the Sword

Chronicles of the Sword may come off as slightly confusing to some people. Basically, this is another adventure mode, but in this one, you can use a custom character, unlike in Tales of Souls. It takes place in a war-torn age, where you have tons of choices:

[edit] Fortify a Stronghold

In the beginning of each chapter, you are given several strongholds. At times, you are able to fortify one of them, so that they are more difficult for enemies to get through.

[edit] Move

You move so that you can claim an enemy stronghold. The weaker one is, the easier it is to claim it. But while you're moving towards one, an enemy may be in the way. You have the choice to either find a different route, or you fight the enemy.

[edit] Claim a Stronghold

You MUST claim the enemies' main stronghold to advance to the next chapter! There are mini strongholds around the main one that you must get through, and to do that you must advance towards it and break in. Once you break into it, the stronghold is either yours, or there is a number of enemies in it. If the latter is the case, then you must defeat each enemy to claim that stronghold.

[edit] Character Creation

Soul Calibur III has a new addition to it; Character Creation. There are two types of Character Creation, and each are accessible through the one-player mode.

[edit] Custom Character Creation

Custom Character Creation allows you to create your own character. You may use your character in Soul Arena and in Versus mode. It starts out with you choosing your character's gender; male or female.

[edit] Disciplines

You then have to choose your character's discipline, or weapon type. There are very few in the beginning of the game, but as you play through, you unlock more.

[edit] Designing The Character

Once you choose your character's gender and job/discipline, you just have to dress up your character. There are many different choices. From head to toe, you can choose many clothing articles to put on your character, and you can unlock more or buy more at the Armor Shop. You can also change the color of your character's skin, clothing, lips, eyes, and you may change the face shape. The final step is saving and naming your character.

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