Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur IV
Soul Calibur IV Boxart (PS3 and Xbox360)
DeveloperProject Soul
PlatformsPlaystation 3
Release Date(s)North America: July 29, 2008
Australia: July 31, 2008
Europe: July 31, 2008
Japan: Summer 2008
Rating(T) Teen/16+

Soul Calibur IV is the latest installment of the Soul series, the sixth game including the spin-off game, Soul Calibur Legends. It was released in North America, in late July, for the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.


[edit] Characters

There are 34 characters. 24 are returning, 2 are new, 3 are guests, and 5 are bonus.

[edit] New Characters


The acting Warchief of the Horde , Garrosh Hellscream from the original 'World Of Warcraft' and 'Warcraft' series has just been announced that he will be a D.L.C in the new Soul Calibur V Video Game. NAMCO games and Project Soul has decided to boot not only Garrosh Hellscream but Batman and Robin and many more that will be announced from time to time through 2011. Here is what NAMCO had to say about the new booted playable characters.

"We have been told we needed a more fictional adventure gaming experience for our NAMCO gamers. We were told we needed characters from well known series that people enjoy watching through time to time and playing in their other video games"

[edit] Guest Characters

  • Darth Vader (Playstation 3 only; Xbox 360 via premium download content)
  • Starkiller (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360)
  • Yoda (Xbox 360 only; PlayStation 3 via premium download content)

[edit] Bonus Characters

[edit] New Features

  • Online Gameplay
  • A more in-depth Character Creation mode
  • Tower of Lost Souls
  • Tag matches against the CPU similar to games such as Tekken Tag Tournament
  • Critical Finishes

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