Soul of Cassandra

Soul of Cassandra is the weapon given to custom characters to give them the moveset of Cassandra.

The following are the ways to unlock the weapons in the Soul of Cassandra character class in Soul Calibur III:

  • Ivan the Terrible - Can be purchased for 14300 Gold. Or defeat her in Tales of Souls.
  • Spine Blade - Get to the 4th stage of Tales of Souls using her. Or play 375 battles.
  • Dark Blade - Get to the 7th stage of Tales of Souls using her. Or play 500 battles.
  • Valkyrie - Purchase Ivan the Terrible, Spine Blade, Dark Blade, and clear Tales of Souls with Cassandra. Or Play 960 battles.
  • The Ancient - Defeat Olcadan in Tales of Souls using Cassandra. Or clear all the missions in Cassandra's tutorial.

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