BirthdateUnknown, 1562
Blood TypeA
FamilyEntire immediate family taken by sickness, Chie (friend); Toki (Ex-master, deceased)
Fighting StyleMusoh-Battoh-Ryu
Height5ft 7in (170 cm)
NationalityJapanese – Fu-Ma no Sato (Ohmi), Japan
WeaponDual Ninjato
Weapon NameRekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru
Weight117 lb (53kg)
English VoiceDesirée Goyette
Japanese VoiceFujiko Takimoto

Taki was orphaned at a very young age, and was taken in by a ninja clan master, Toki. Taki had begun mastering the clan's style in little time, and after a few years, decided to use her techniques and powers to protect people from demons. Taki also forged her own weapons, putting emotion into her work to make stronger, more durable types, such as love and care.

[edit] Appearances

Soul Blade - Taki's favorite sword made by her own hands was named Rekki-Maru. Unfortunately, the creation of Soul Edge had weakened her weapon greatly. During a battle with demons, Taki's Rekki-Maru would slice and kill them with one slice, yet this time, she'd have to put more effort and attack even more to be rid of them. Worried about her precious sword, Taki went after the cause of this sudden 'disease.' When Taki arrived to where Soul Edge was, she found a wounded woman, Sophitia. Taki rescued her, taking her to safety.

Soul Calibur - Taki forges another sword called Mekki-Maru, which had an evil feeling to it, and combines it with a fragment of the Soul Edge because it wouldn't work on the weakened Rekki-Maru. While doing this, Taki became a Nuke-Nin, leaving her clan to find Soul Edge and destroy it. Taki would again be late and heard that Nightmare was defeated, with no sign of the sword anywhere.

Soul Calibur II - Taki decides to focus on mastering Mekki-Maru and it's evil powers. During this time, Toki would send ninjas to capture Taki alive in order to get information on Soul Edge. Taki found another fragment of Soul Edge beneath bodies of her former clan mates, and was determined not to let Toki or anyone else get their hands on this immense evil power.

Soul Calibur III - Although destroying Soul Edge was Taki's plan from the start, Toki had become even more of a threat to her, as he successfully gained pieces of Soul Edge. Taki managed to find her old master's whereabouts through a faction of Fu-Ma ninjas who were going to rebel against Toki, and headed to Hoko's temple. She then confronted Toki (who was surrounded by evil energy) and battled him. Ironically, Taki killed Toki using the demon-slaying techniques that he himself taught her. She paid her respects to her old master after the extremely difficult battle, and left to destroy the evil Soul Edge as it's presence had become weak.

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