Talim (Soul Calibur IV Costume)
BirthdateJune 15, 1576
BirthplaceVillage of the Wind Deity, Southeast Asia
Blood TypeUnknown
FamilyFather, Sanput

Mother, Lidi

Grandmother & Village elder, Kalana

Bird, Alun
Fighting StyleWind Dance
Height4'8" (144 cm)
Weight93 lbs (42 kg)
WeaponElbow blades x 2
Weapon NameSyi Salika & Loka Luha
English VoiceJulie Parker (Soul Calibur II)

Hynden Walch (Soul Calibur III)

Wendee Lee (Soul Calibur IV)
Japanese VoiceYukari Tamura

Talim was born and raised in the Village of the Wind Deity, where people can control the winds. Talim is no exception, being talked of as a "young priestess" by the announcer in the games she has sappeared in. It is also a tradition to use dual elbow blades, but rather for dancing than fighting. Talim is against fighting, but she realizes it is the only way to save the world from total darkness. Unfortunately Southeast Asia was in a time of turmoil, and, to make matters worse, the Evil Seed passed through the land. The evil aura passed through Talim and caused her to lose consciousness for days.

[edit] Appearances

Soul Calibur II - A few years later, Talim sensed the same aura and followed it to a wanderer with a Soul Edge fragment. She then decided to take it to where it came from. Not to long after her journey began, Talim sensed other fragments, and then decided that she would hunt them all down and return them to their rightful place. She would stop them from getting into the wrong hands and hope to save lives from the evil within these fragments.

Soul Calibur III - Talim gathered a few fragments before heading to a mountainside village, where she found a boy who had a similar dark aura in him. She vowed to stay by him and help him get better, even performing rituals to try and ease his pain. Despite this, the boy's condition grew worse, and Talim, passing the dark aura from his body to hers and towards the winds to be purified, was feeling ill herself. Talim decided to do a pass the aura entirely instead of little by little, no matter what the cost. Yun-Seong, another visitor of the village, convinced the boy to allow Talim to perform this ritual after the boy refused. Miraculously, Talim succeeded in removing the aura completely, leaving both Talim and the boy unharmed. Talim's work was done, and she would return to her original purpose, of gathering fragments of Soul Edge.

Soul Calibur IV - Yun-seong catches up to Talim, and he still believes that Soul Edge will give him the power to protect his homeland. The two travel together, and Seong Mi-na catches up to Yun-seong, to stop him from trying to obtain the evil sword. But despite her efforts Yun-seong still tries to get the sword. That night when Talim and Mi-na are asleep, Yun-seong leaves them to get the sword without them stopping him. When they awake, Talim tells Mi-na that he is headstrong, but a good person. After giving Mi-na information about the good sword, Soul Calibur, the two go separate ways. Later, Talim learns that Soul Calibur is not the spirit sword it seems, and can disrupt nature just like Soul Edge.

[edit] Fighting Style

Soul Calibur IV - Talim has not changed her style that much from Soul Calibur III, still relying on weak, close range strikes. However, this is made up for with her speed, being the fastest character in the cast of Soul Calibur IV. The best strategy with Talim is to rely on barraging the opponent, whittling down their damage as fast as you can. Similarly to Amy, most of Talim's attacks can be easily strung together.

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