Yoshimitsu in Soul Calibur IV
Blood TypeO
FamilyClans - Original Clan murdered, currently a member of a clan called Manjitou
Fighting StyleYoshimitsu is trained in Manji Ninjutsu
WeaponSoul Calibur (I-III) - Katana and Sashimono, Soul Calibur (IV) - Wakizashi, Katana and Sashimono
Weapon NameYoshimitsu

Yoshimitsu's most cherished possession is his sword, which he had no problem with naming after himself. Passed down from many generations of the now disbanded Manji Clan, Yoshimitsu uses the unique weapon to his advantage in battle as attempts to avenge his fallen clan.

[edit] Appearances

Soul Calibur - Yoshimitsu's clan was killed by Ode Nobunaga. This samurai lord cut off Yoshimitsu's right arm in battle, which he replaced, with a mechanical prosthetic. Believing that he needed more power, Yoshimitsu sought out what he thought to be the 'Ultimate Weapon.' Soul Edge.

Soul Calibur II - Yoshimitsu reached the Ostrheinsburg Castle, but there were no signs of Soul Edge. Upon leaving the castle, however, he sensed evil energy within his sword, and left to nullify it. He came into contact with an odd being known as Voldo, who stole his sword. Being that the sword was important to him, Yoshimitsu went searching for his sword and temporarily aborted his original mission. Yoshimitsu, however, got even more sidetracked, and, like the folk tale of Robin Hood, joined a band of thieves known as the Manjitou, stealing money and goods for the poor.

Soul Calibur III - Yoshimitsu eventually ended up finding his sword in the Money Pit. He also found a fragment of Soul Edge, which possessed the same energy that his sword was emitting. Yoshimitsu made up his mind once again, and decided to destroy these tainted items. Yoshimitsu and his band of thieves would soon get the short end of the stick with this purpose, though, as a mission went terribly wrong and resulted in the death of quite a few Manjitou thieves. Yoshimitsu's soon to be second-in-command betrayed the band of thieves and fled with the fragment. He believes that it was Soul Edge that caused this, and set out to find and stop it.

Soul Calibur IV -

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