AgeUnknown due to his ability to reincarnate
BirthdateMay 5th (current reincarnation)
Blood TypeB
FamilyLong since deceased
Fighting StyleOriginal Style
Height5ft 11in (180 cm)
NationalityUnknown due to his ability to reincarnate
WeaponDeath Scythe
Weapon NameKafziel
Weight170 lb (79kg)

Zasalamel was born into a tribe who worshiped and protected the holy sword. The sword was never to be used, but Zasalamel thought against this. He believed that if they needed to use it for defense and such, they should. Zasalamel even went so far as to say that he should hold onto it, planning on stealing the cherished weapon. He was caught before he even reached the sword, however, and was banned from the tribe. As an added punishment, Zasalamel's arm was crushed. When all hope seemed lost for Zasalamel, his arts would come back to him, arts that he studied while growing up. Through these arts that he revisited, Zasalamel discovered the art of reincarnation.

[edit] Appearances

Soul Calibur III - Reincarnation was too good to be true for Zasalamel. Each time he died, he came back to life with more pain and sorrow than his previous life. He wanted nothing more than to die a peaceful death. Zasalamel, lives later, would come into contact with Soul Edge. He thought he could use it's power to end his misery, but instead, he became a slave, a servant to it until his life ended and he was reborn once again. He then thought that he could use a more powerful sword to his advantage, Soul Calibur. He searched it's original location, but with no luck. One life later, Zasalamel managed to find both swords at the same time, which was after Siegfried's separation from Nightmare. Soul Edge was drastically weakened and broken, while Soul Calibur also lost power from the events. Zasalamel would then use his arts to restore Nightmare so that he can gather souls to restore Soul Edge, while Soul Calibur was slowly regaining it's strength. Zasalamel attempts to leave no mistakes in his goal to his final death.

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