Birth DateUnknown
Blood TypeUnknown
WeaponDual Kunai
Weapon NameAustere and Void
Fighting StyleYatsude Ninjutsu
AppearancesSoul Calibur III
Japanese Voice ActorKeiji Hirai
English Voice ActorNot Available

Greed's name comes from his line of work, known as "thievery". Greed is part of a secret organization of thieves that do their work in the shadows. Greed's organization opposes Yoshimitsu's Manjitou. Almost nothing is known about Greed, even his real name.

Since Greed is a thief, he enjoys hiding in the shadows, and when his prey comes into view, he attacks them, robbing them of everything they have on them. Greed may even enjoy killing his victims over stealing from them. Greed is always on the hunt for more and more victims.

Within Greed's organization, he is known as "Number Four". Greed views his colleague, Miser, as a rival.

Before the events of Soul Calibur IV, Greed was defeated by Mitsurugi. Greed was trying to rob Mitsurugi of his shard of Soul Edge.

[edit] Appearances

Greed appears as one of the bonus characters in Soul Calibur III. Since he is a bonus character, you cannot use him to fight in Tales of Souls mode. You can unlock Greed by defeating him in tales of Souls mode, or by playing 500 battles.

[edit] Weapon

Greed's weapon of choice is the Austere and Void. They are a pair of kunai knives. Not much is known about these weapons and they have no special moves.

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