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Indian Port
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Indian Port
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Indian Port is Maxi's main stage in Soul Calibur III.

[edit] Background Knowledge

Indian Port is a port town located in southern India. It is considered a cross road between land and the sea beyond. It was here that Maxi first met up with Kilik four years ago from the events of Soul Calibur III. This was also the port where Maxi first set sail with his crew, before Astaroth killed everyone. This stage is set on a boardwalk over looking the sea from one direction, and from the other, overlooking a vast port town. On one side, there is also a large ship.

[edit] Easter Eggs

Once you defeat the arcade mode with Maxi, in the cut scene, you are at the Indian Port, and if you look closely at two cages, you can find Olcadan in his owl attire and Rock in his elephant attire in each of the cages. Perhaps, they were captured because they were thought to be strange beasts?

[edit] Stage Information

The stage is very small, and is in the shape of a square. it is surrounded by water, so you can get a ring out on each side. It is a good strategy to stay in the middle, and fight off your opponent from there.

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