Blood TypeNone
WeaponInferno randomly uses any one of the character's weapons
Weapon NameSoul Edge (In Soul Edge), All Weapons (later games)
Fighting StyleMemories of Soul Edge
FamilySoul Edge (all forms)
AppearancesSoul Edge, Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur II
First GameSoul Edge

Inferno is the boss in Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur 2. He is only playable in the Dreamcast version of Soul Calibur, but he must be unlocked first. Since he shares moves with all the characters, he's pretty much a burning Charade.

In Soul Calibur II, Inferno is the last character you must fight against in Arcade Mode. After you hit him enough so his health bar is about two-thirds full, he will become stronger and harder to defeat by growing the flames on his body. Inferno will also change his weapon. Inferno does this about three times during the battle, each time when he loses a third of his health.

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