AgeUnknown (approximately 17-18)
Blood TypeUnknown
WeaponKatana and Giant Shuriken
Weapon NameRed Crow and Rusty Wing
Fighting StyleAkatsuki Ninjutsu
AppearancesSoul Calibur III
Japanese Voice ActorYuki Makishima
English Voice Actor

Miser is a bonus character in Soul Calibur III. If you stumble across her in Tales of Souls Mode, if she is the victor, she will take all of your money that you have gained till that point. Miser's discipline is Katana and Shuriken.

[edit] Biography

Miser is part of a secret band of thieves that travel the world, in search of great treasure to steal. Almost nothing is known about her, everybody just calls her Miser.

Miser enjoys hiding in dark places, waiting for her victim to get in reach before she attacks them. She is known as "Number Five" in her organization. Miser views her mentor Greed as her rival.

[edit] Appearances

Miser appears as a bonus character in Soul Calibur III. You can unlock Miser by defeating her in Tales of Souls mode, or by playing 750 battles. Since Miser is a bonus character, you cannot play with her in Tales of Souls mode.

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