Seong Mi-na

Seong Mi-na
Seong Mi-na
Birthdate3rd November 1568
Blood TypeA
FamilySeong Han-myeong (father); Mother and brother taken by sickness
Fighting StyleSeong Style longsword + Ling-Sheng Su Style Rod
Height5ft 4in (162 cm)
NationalityKorean – From Jirisan, Korea
Weapon NameScarlet Thunder
Weight106 lb (48kg)

Seong Mi-na, a girl full of spirit, has grown up in a “male-only” environment. Boys of the village and her father's dojo teased her for being female due to her interest and practice in weapons. Her father also didn't take her seriously as a weapon-user, urging her to become a wife, preferably to Hwang, a man that Seong Mi-na's father simply adored and wanted to adopt. Seong Mi-na was not ready to settle down, she'd rather see the world, and she would get that chance when she overheard about a powerful sword, Soul Edge. Mi-na decided that with the power of such a sword, Korea would have a stronger military, and earn more respect as a nation. Little did Mi-na know however, that Soul Edge was a sword of pure evil.

[edit] Appearances

Soul Blade - Korea had a weak military, and was in danger of being invaded by Japan. Seong Mi-na decided to prove herself to her father as well as people of the village by finding the 'Sword of Salvation' in order to save her country. She ran away knowing that she wouldn't get approval from her father, only to be found and dragged home by Hwang, who aborted his mission (which was also to get the sword).

Soul Calibur - Mi-na ran away from home again after being proposed by a student of the Seung dojo. She came upon Ivy, a woman with a unique chain-like sword, who defeated Mi-na quite easily (she underestimated Ivy). Ivy told Mi-na that the sword she was seeking was evil, though she didn't believe it. She eventually came across an old drunken man, who reluctantly agreed to train her after she realized how skilled he was, even if he was drunk. After a year of training, the old man disappeared, and a disappointed Mi-na continued her journey, only to be dragged home again by Hwang.

Soul Calibur II - Mi-na had given a student of the Seung dojo, Yun-Seong, a special dao sword, White Storm, after witnessing him being rejected by Hwang for a battle. Yun-Seong ran off later that night with the dao, and Seong Mi-na, being responsible for giving away a family heirloom, chased after Yun-Seong after getting her father's approval. During her journey, Mi-na encountered a large man and defeated him, and found out what style she was using (the style that the drunken man taught her) from an onlooker.

Soul Calibur III - Mi-na decided to go to the Ling-Sheng Su temple, where she met Edge Master. After being defeated, Seong Mi-na asked to be trained, and Edge Master eventually agreed. During her years of training, Mi-na would tell stories of her travel, and soon brought up Soul Edge. Edge Master enforced what Ivy told Seong Mi-na, telling her that the sword was evil. Seong Mi-na wasted no more time and hurried to find Yun-Seong, bidding farewell to Edge Master.

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