Setsuka as she appears in Soul Calibur III

Setsuka, which means Snow Flower, was mistreated before she received the name. She had run away from home due to the hatred and violence that surrounded the home. After many hours of wandering, a man saw her and took her in. Her caretaker, a bodyguard, taught Setsuka how to defend herself. A few years later, Setsuka would be sent out to deliver a letter. On her return, she found her master wounded and was devastated. Her master refused to tell who he lost to in a duel, because he did not want Setsuka's mind to be plagued with revenge. Soon after, though he was not wealthy, Setsuka's master bought her a fancy, elegant kimono as a parting gift.

[edit] Appearances

Soul Calibur III - Setsuka's master passed away due to his injuries. While on his deathbed, he finally told Setsuka who his opponent was: Heishiro Mitsurugi. Upon telling her this, her master said, “I did not teach you this art for the purpose of who lives by the sword harbors no regret.” Whilst looking at his grave, Setsuka realized that she didn't just love this man, she was in love with him, and even though he advised against it, Setsuka chose to avenge the man she loved, and with her parting gift, set out to find Mitsurugi.

Soul Calibur IV -

[edit] Weapon

Setsuka's weapon at first resembles an umbrella, but in the handle contains a hidden sword, which Setsuka uses for her attacks. Each one of Setsuka's blows is swift and powerful, although the reach of the hidden blade isn't much, and isn't the greatest for defending.

Setsuka's moves follow the Japanese art of Battojutsu, which is the art of drawing the sword from its shaft. The blade moves faster when drawn from the shaft rather then being swung freely. Setsuka follows this skill by drawing her blade from the base of the umbrella, which is why her attacks are lightning fast.
Setsuka Soul Calibur IV concept art
Setsuka in game Soul Calibur IV

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