'Sickle is one of the custom character weapons, it is based off of Ivy's weapon. The sickle is more suited to long range attacking than other custom weapons. However, this weapon can do damage, even if your opponent is pressing the guard button, however the damage remains small, but a hit nonetheless.

The bonus character, Aurelia, in Soul Calibur III, uses this weapon set. Her main weapon is the Black Widow.

The following are the types of sickle's and their prices in Soul Calibur III:

  • Kogarashi - Can be purchased for 12400 Gold.
  • Mizuchi - Defeat Kanade in Chronicle 8. Or play 350 battles.
  • Yaesumuji - Defeat Marid in Chronicle 9. Or play 450 battles.
  • Chains of Hades - Defeat Domenthi in Chronicle 20. Or play 500 battles.
  • Black Widow - Unlock Aurelia
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