Soul of Taki

Soul of Taki is the weapon given to custom characters to give them the moveset of Taki.

The following are the ways to unlock the weapons for the Soul of Taki class in Soul Calibur III:

  • Kagenui - Can be purchased for 11,600. Or defeat Taki in Tales of Souls mode.
  • Kagekiri - Get to the 4th stage of Tales of Souls mode by using her. Or play 300 battles.
  • Fumakugi - Get to the 7th stage of Tales of Souls by using Taki. Or play 425 battles.
  • Kris Naga - Purchase Kagenui, Kagekiri, Fumakugi, and clear Tales of Souls by using Taki. Or play 560 battles.
  • Tobacco Pipes - Clear the Turntable mission on Hard difficulty. Or play 1160 battles.
  • The Ancient - Defeat Olcadan in Tales of Souls mode by using Taki. Or clear all the missions in her tutorial mode.

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