Soul Calibur IV Concept Art
Blood TypeAB
WeaponRing Blade
Weapon NameEiserne Drossel
Fighting StyleDance of Death
AppearancesSoul Calibur III Soul Calibur IV
First GameSoul Calibur III
English Voice ActorJennifer Hale
Japanese Voice ActorMasumi Asano

Tira began her life as an assassin for a group known as the Birds of Passage. She enjoyed her work so much, that she'd even go kill for the pleasure of it. During one of her missions, though, Tira was caught in the middle of a storm. This wasn't an ordinary storm, it was the Evil Seed raining down on her. It caused Tira to forget where she belonged, wandering around aimlessly searching for herself. A family took her in, but Tira was unhappy there, and recalled the satisfaction of killing, ending the family's lives. Tira then came in contact with Nightmare and she willingly became his servant. Nightmare gave her the task of finding a suitable host for Soul Edge to reconcile inside of.

[edit] Game Appearances

Soul Calibur III - Tira's emotions were extremely unstable after the storm. She could go from rage to sorrow to happiness easily, depending on her odd mood. Tira would then seek someone who shared her personality, hoping to find a friend as she felt alone in the world. She happened to come across Nightmare using a trail of bodies, and he took her in. Using a flock of faithful ravens and her abilities as an assassin, Tira is to carry out two missions assigned by Nightmare: To destroy Soul Calibur and free Soul Edge, and to locate a decent host for the cursed sword. Tira would have those worthy hosts burned by the flame of the cursed sword, and kill the unworthy to have her own joy.

Soul Calibur IV -

[edit] Appearance

Tira's appearance changes a lot from the two Soul Calibur games she has been in. In Soul Calibur III Tira has short, turquoise color hair. She is dressed in green strips of cloth, and purple sleeves. Tira has green make up on her eyes and lips. Lastly, Tira has a purple scar that starts at her nose and ends on the left side of her face.

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