Voldo (Soul Calibur IV Costume)
BirthdateAugust 25, 1541
BirthplacePalermo, Kingdom of Naples (Italy)
Blood TypeA
FamilyParents (Deceased)

Four brothers (Killed through warfare)

Master, Vercci (Deceased)
Fighting StyleOriginal Style
Height6'0" (183 cm)
Weight185 lbs (84 kg)
WeaponKatar (Jamadhar) x 2
Weapon NameKarma & Mara (Soul Blade)

Shame & Blame (Soul Calibur)

Manas & Ayus (Soul Calibur II-IV)

The Italian merchant of death named Vercci was one of many who sought Soul Edge. During the search for the weapon, Vercci lost a large portion of his wealth to war. Vercci dug a pit on a small island, where he hid the remains of his wealth. The chasm, which later became known as the Secret Money Pit, had a guardian named Voldo. Even after his master’s death, Voldo guarded the vault faithfully. At the same time, he sought the weapon his master desired.

[edit] Appearances

Soul Blade

Soul Calibur II - One day after Voldo chased an intruder away, he heard his long-lost master’s voice. Obeying his master’s orders, Voldo followed Soul Edge’s aura emanating from the female intruder’s sword. Eventually, he succeeded in bringing back a single-handed sword that emanated a strange aura. Yet he did not hear the voice of his deceased master. Four years passed without hearing his master’s voice. When he defeated an intruder one day, Voldo found several metal shards that possessed the same aura as Soul Edge. Voldo finally understood why he did not hear his deceased master’s voice. The sword he brought back was not Soul Edge. Voldo set out once again. This time, he would bring Soul Edge back to his master.

Soul Calibur III - Obeying the orders of his late master, Voldo searched for Soul Edge and returned to the Secret Money Pit with fragments of the evil sword. Voldo was deeply hurt to discover that the vertical shaft had been ransacked in his absence. He emitted an otherworldly wail of indescribable sadness and begged his late master for forgiveness. While inspecting the treasure, however, he discovered a new truth. The greedy thieves had taken the “false” Soul Edge he had obtained previously, along with the fragments of Soul Edge he had collected. The intruders were seeking Soul Edge, just like him. If he could track down these people and force them to tell him everything they knew about Soul Edge, it would surely make his search easier. Imagining his beloved master encouraging him and speaking to him with kind words, Voldo shivered with excitement. Of course, those thieves who had touched the treasure of his sacred master must die a fitting death. After preparing to leave the Secret Money Pit, Voldo sensed the presence of a new intruder. He went out himself and disposed of the thief. Voldo then thought to himself in silence. If only he could obtain Soul Edge-the last treasure Master Vercci sought-he would be able to dedicate himself to protecting the Secret Money Pit. But someday, he too would leave this world, just as his master had. He would need a successor to carry on his will and protect the treasure. Another guardian. Surely Master Vercci would approve of this idea. Feeling satisfied, Voldo thought over this idea while preparing for his journey. The guardian of the secret storehouse ascended from the dark abyss to the surface and began to wander the outside world in silence.

[edit] Endings

Soul Calibur II -

Soul Calibur III - In Voldo's ending of Soul Calibur III, its shows Voldo with Soul Edge in the Secret Money Pit. A voice is heard out of nowhere saying "Excellent work my dear Voldo..." If you do the button command that appears on the screen however during this ending, one of the Lizardmen will appear dressed in Voldo's clothes. So Voldo found his successor to the Secret Money Pit after all.

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