Water Mill Valley

Water Mill Valley
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Water Mill Valley
Background musicPure Breeze
Home toTalim

[edit] Background Information

This stage is home to Talim in Soul Calibur III. The stage is set on a beautiful valley, surrounded by many waterfalls, which generate electricity and supply fresh water. Talim found a group of young orphans here on her travels, and noticed one of the boys was cursed by Soul Edge. Talim decided to stay to protect the orphans and to heal the young boy. While staying here, Talim encountered Yun-Seong, who helped her convince the cursed boy to let Talim perform surgery on him to heal him completely. Talim then performed the surgery, and it was a success. After healing the young boy, both Talim and Yun-Seong found out they were both searching for the evil sword, so they traveled together in search of it.

[edit] Stage Information

The stage is set on the outside of a nearby Water Mill. The stage itself is very basic, as it is just a big square. However, only one of the four sides is not fenced, so it is easy to knock opponents off of. So, it is best not to have your back facing this, and instead, turn the tables on your opponent by running up from behind them.

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