Chai Xianghua (Soul Calibur IV Costume)
BirthdateApril 2, 1571
BirthplacePeking, Ming Empire
Blood TypeB
FamilyFather, Kong Xiuqiang

Mother, Chai Xiangfei (Deceased)

Sister, Xianglian (Deceased)
Fighting StyleSword play passed down from her mother
Height5'0" (152 cm)
Weight101 lbs (46 kg)
WeaponChinese Sword
Weapon NameKrita-Yuga (Soul Calibur) No name (Soul Calibur II-IV)
English VoiceWendee Lee (Soul Calibur II and Soul Calibur III)
Japanese VoiceAya Hisakawa

Xianghua was raised by her mother, who taught her how to handle a sword, preparing Xianghua for the future. Although for unknown reasons, Xiangfei told Xianghua that her father was dead, and never once mentioned that she had a sister, Xianglian, Xiangfei trained Xianghua hard because she knew that Xianghua would be the difference-maker in the upcoming battle. Xianghua possessed one of the three treasures of the Ling-Sheng Su temple, as well, the Krita-Yuga. Xianghua's fighting style is based all on sword and foot work. Xianghua is extremely flexible, so with her foot work, Xianghya moves like a danxer of sorts.

[edit] Appearances

Soul Calibur - Xianghua, who became a royal guard of her country (a tradition of the family), was sent on a mission to search and retrieve the “Hero's Sword.” Her journey eventually led her to two other fighters: Kilik and Maxi. The three shared similar goals and decided to work together and destroy Soul Edge. When the team reached Ostrheinsburg Castle, Maxi would fend off Astaroth at the entrance, while Kilik would distract Nightmare. Xianghua reached Inferno, a fiery beast, and it was there that Soul Calibur was born. Xianghua's Krita-Yuga transformed into a 'good' Soul Edge, giving her the opportunity to defeat Inferno.

Soul Calibur II - Upon her return to China, Xianghua was stripped of her royal guard position for coming back empty-handed. Xianghua also lost her mother's gift to her in the battle with Inferno, Soul Calibur. Sources claimed that Soul Edge wasn't destroyed, however, that it's fragments were scattered all across the globe. Xianghua couldn't believe this, but decided to find out for herself, to search for these fragments and end Soul Edge's evil once and for all. An old man (possibly Edge Master, according to the description) visited her and gave her a Chinese blade similar to her Krita-Yuga as congratulations for sustaining the sword to this point, the new sword to be used to assist her in finishing the job. Xianghua eagerly left, not bothering to brush up on her abilities, which would soon cost her.

Soul Calibur III - Xianghua soon met up with Kilik again, and they agreed to travel together again, despite the fact that they got into many arguments. They came across a strange man with a scythe. Xianghua couldn't bare to face him, fear filled her mind, doubt filler her heart, she was unprepared. After Kilik's defeat at the hands of that man, Xianghua chose to postpone her quest and train herself to her limit and beyond. She took Kilik to his master, and Edge Master recommended her to a retired general. She would fight for courage, for her mind, body, and spirit, all the while increasing her skills. If the style her mother taught her wasn't enough, Xianghua's improved abilities (in a short period of time) with the general's teachings would surely build her confidence, and, after several months of training, she felt that she was ready. Xianghua thanked the old warrior and resumed her plan.

[edit] Fighting Style

Soul Calibur IV - Xianghua carries over the same fighting style from Soul Calibur III. Her attacks have above average speed and can be easily chained together. As she attacks, Xianghua moves in a spinning motion, as if she is dancing. The best way to use Xianghua is to create a chain of attacks and attack from mid range.

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